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Meet the Makers… Emma Milner-Gorvine

Emma is one of the Faire’s youngest makers, and one of the most ambitious. She is making and selling some of the most adorable and quirky barrettes you have ever seen.

Unlike most of the other makers, Emma is using EVERY SINGLE CENT of the money she earns to make sure that girls like her get a chance to go to school. She was inspired by this video put together by The Girl Effect:

The Girl Effect is about raising awareness. However, Emma wanted to sponsor actual children. The organization that she is raising money for is Girls Be Ambitious, Cambodia. Cambodia has the highest rate of sexual trafficking of girls in the world and keeping a girl in school costs only $120 a year. Emma is determined to send as many girls to school as she possibly can, and needs your help!


Emma is going into 8th grade at Chute Middle School in Evanston. She plays softball, trumpet, piano, is on student council, yearbook club, and Spanish club. She is very active in her synagogue and will be blowing the shofar at high holiday services this year.