Evanston Mini Maker Faire

Thanks everyone!

We want to thanks for participating in the first ever Evanston Mini Maker Faire.
Despite the harsh weather on Saturday, the chaos of the postponed set-up and the normal gate opening, the makers, the volunteers, and the attendees didn’t let anything stop them. People were lined up at the gate at 6:00 waiting to see the awesome Makers at the Faire.

We want to give an very special thank you to the Power racing series organizers,  the teams, and the announcers and officials for making the event especially awesome Saturday night and Sunday.
Just after the tents were setup and before the tables were brought to the Faire,
an incredibly intense thunderstorm forced evacuation of the Evanston Mini Maker Faire venue. We were very lucky that none of the Makers had setup in their tents. The evacuation was ordered by the Evanston Chief of Police. We were given three minutes to evacuate. The producers of the Evanston Mini Maker Faire were discouraged, not knowing if or when the weather would improve, if people would come to the gate, or if the tables were even delivered. We, the producers were very tense and uncertain.

Miraculously, the storm ended just before 6:00 pm when the gate was scheduled to open people were lined up ready to get a dose of awesome. At 6:00 pm, the  The Makers could setup and begin the evening event. At 6:00 pm, our volunteers came back to help. PPPRS teams and organizers came back. Everyone pitched in, including the attendees.

PPPRS, the Power Wheels Racing Teams set up and started announcing. Adam Dzak was mixing music with the announcer, Jim Burke, warming up the crowd.
The souped up power wheels were ready to go, driving practice laps. It was amazing.

After some people were let through the gate as volunteers to make sure they were counted and paid up.  Bravo people,  we were impressed by your integrity, perseverance and curiosity. Wow!

We are all makers. All of you who participated, made the Evanston Mini Maker Faire awesome and wonderful…. Thank you all.






 Current Stats:

  • 312 Makers
  • 31 organizations
  • 11 hackerspaces from 6 states
  • 16 Power Wheels Racing TeamsEvent
Event Details for

Latest details will be posted to twitter @MMFEvanston

Evanston Mini Maker Faire will be a day of Awesome, where Art, Technology, education and a little bit of theatre meet.  A celebration of technology and the making of things.

Everyone is a maker, whether you like to cook, or use power tools. sew, program computers, use 3D printers and laser Cutters, or just like to work with your hands.

This is an opportunity to show and tell what you have been making in your garage, basement or dining room table and see what others have been making.

If you wish to participate as a Sponsor, a Maker, or a Volunteer this summer contact the organizers so that we can get back to you.

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