Meet the makers….. Here’s the Story

Here’s the Story is a literary 501(c)3 that focuses on the art of storytelling throughout the city of Chicago. Our main show, a potluck, happens the first Sunday of the month at 7:30 p.m. in the glorious Stage773. Their mission is to bring together Chicago’s various creative communities, to connect with one another, to foster the art of telling and listening, to provide a platform of support for the work of known and developing storytellers, monologists, and solo performers. They listen to stories, tell stories, and create new stories. Just right for the Maker Faire!

Here they will be fulfilling all three of their goals. They will be listening to your stories during their open story swap sessions, and they will probably be coaxed into telling one of their own. Here’s the Story will also be creating a new tale about their grand Maker Faire adventure. They’ve teamed up with Kim Dearnley, to make a webisode featuring all sorts of Maker Faire shenanigans. This will include stories from the various makers and end in the creation of a time capsule to be used in their Sept. 15th event, Robot Apocalypse: Journey to the End of the Night!

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