Meet the Makers… Bart Dring

Bart Dring has been designing and building his own CNC machines for about 10 years.  He has done multiple versions of routers, lasers, 3D printers and most recently a plasma cutter.  All of the machines are open source designs with close to 1000 machines in the wild.

Bart ran a successful Kickstarter project for a product called MakerSlide, a low cost linear bearing and frame member in one piece.  Many machines are based on it including the very successful ShapeOko router.

Bart currently runs a website dedicated to DIY CNC called is place where people can post build logs of their CNC projects.  Build logs are sort of like a daily diary of a project.  It allows people to follow your project, give encouragement and give advice.  It has over 2000 registered members and close to 13,000 posts.

Bart’s motto is: “If you did not build it, you will never own it.”

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