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PPPRS Power Wheels Racing Chicago Night Event in Evanston

The Pow Pow Power Wheels Racing  Series will culminate the racing season with it’s first night race in Evanston (map) this year.

Teams of big people from all over the midwest will be racing souped up little vehicles for speed (limited) and Moxie style (no limits).

The Evanston Mini Maker Faire is hosted by the Technology Innovation Center in Evanston and Pumping Station: One in Chicago. With a lot of help from


Evanston Mini Maker Faire

Thanks everyone!

We want to thanks for participating in the first ever Evanston Mini Maker Faire.
Despite the harsh weather on Saturday, the chaos of the postponed set-up and the normal gate opening, the makers, the volunteers, and the attendees didn’t let anything stop them. People were lined up at the gate at 6:00 waiting to see the awesome Makers at the Faire.

We want to give an very special thank you to the Power racing series organizers,  the teams, and the announcers and officials for making the event especially awesome Saturday night and Sunday.
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