Evanston Mini Maker Faire

Thanks everyone!

We want to thanks for participating in the first ever Evanston Mini Maker Faire.
Despite the harsh weather on Saturday, the chaos of the postponed set-up and the normal gate opening, the makers, the volunteers, and the attendees didn’t let anything stop them. People were lined up at the gate at 6:00 waiting to see the awesome Makers at the Faire.

We want to give an very special thank you to the Power racing series organizers,  the teams, and the announcers and officials for making the event especially awesome Saturday night and Sunday.
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Evanston Mini Maker Faire Recap – Element 14

Drew Faustini, from Pumping Station: One and Element 14 has posted his excellent recap of  the Evanston Mini Maker Faire.

Not only does Drew do an excellent job tweeting and documentation, he also took over the ‘Learn To Solder’ booth. He was excellent.

Thank you Drew.


Meet the Makers… Kris DeGraeve

Kris DeGraeveKris DeGraeve is a Chicago artist and prolific Instructables contributor of projects in many media.  She will be at the Evanston Mini Maker Faire on Sunday demonstrating a robotic painting assistant that she made by cleverly modifying an iRobot to help her create colorful abstract paintings.

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Meet the makers….. Here’s the Story

Here’s the Story is a literary 501(c)3 that focuses on the art of storytelling throughout the city of Chicago. Our main show, a potluck, happens the first Sunday of the month at 7:30 p.m. in the glorious Stage773. Their mission is to bring together Chicago’s various creative communities, to connect with one another, to foster the art of telling and listening, to provide a platform of support for the work of known and developing storytellers, monologists, and solo performers. They listen to stories, tell stories, and create new stories. Just right for the Maker Faire!

Here they will be fulfilling all three of their goals. They will be listening to your stories during their open story swap sessions, and they will probably be coaxed into telling one of their own. Here’s the Story will also be creating a new tale about their grand Maker Faire adventure. They’ve teamed up with Kim Dearnley, to make a webisode featuring all sorts of Maker Faire shenanigans. This will include stories from the various makers and end in the creation of a time capsule to be used in their Sept. 15th event, Robot Apocalypse: Journey to the End of the Night!

Meet the Makers… Shellie Lewis

Visual artist Shellie Lewis will be bringing materials for people to make and take home their own a custom silkscreen prints for free.  No two will be the same!
Learn a basic stencil process and how to pull ink across a silkscreen.
Shellie Lewis works with both traditional media and digital media, is a full-time artist in Chicago and has a weekly knitting circle on Wednesdays at Pumping Station:One.

Meet the Makerspaces…. MKE Makerspace

Milwaukee Makerspace got started in the summer of 2009, and by December of 2010 we had a physical space to meet in, and started filling it up with tools, projects, and members. It’s now summer of 2012 and we’ve got over 60 members doing anything from software to hardware to e-textiles to metal casting. Hackers, makers, artists, musicians, engineers, photographers, and many others call Milwaukee Makerspace their creative home. Besides getting into our own projects members have been known to lend a hand to local organizations in the Milwaukee-area who need help bringing their ideas to life. This year we’ve helped Wraparound Milwaukee create a piece of public art, and we also helped Kompost Kids on their missing to reclaim organic materials. We’ve also got some experience with the Power Racing Series, and may be the only hackerspace with our own sailing team! If you’re interested in Milwaukee Makerspace, please visit our web site at milwaukeemakerspace.org

Meet the Makers… Bart Dring

Bart Dring has been designing and building his own CNC machines for about 10 years.  He has done multiple versions of routers, lasers, 3D printers and most recently a plasma cutter.  All of the machines are open source designs with close to 1000 machines in the wild.

Bart ran a successful Kickstarter project for a product called MakerSlide, a low cost linear bearing and frame member in one piece.  Many machines are based on it including the very successful ShapeOko router.

Bart currently runs a website dedicated to DIY CNC called buildlog.net.  Buildlog.net is place where people can post build logs of their CNC projects.  Build logs are sort of like a daily diary of a project.  It allows people to follow your project, give encouragement and give advice.  It has over 2000 registered members and close to 13,000 posts.

Bart’s motto is: “If you did not build it, you will never own it.”

Meet the Makers… Emma Milner-Gorvine

Emma is one of the Faire’s youngest makers, and one of the most ambitious. She is making and selling some of the most adorable and quirky barrettes you have ever seen.

Unlike most of the other makers, Emma is using EVERY SINGLE CENT of the money she earns to make sure that girls like her get a chance to go to school. She was inspired by this video put together by The Girl Effect:

The Girl Effect is about raising awareness. However, Emma wanted to sponsor actual children. The organization that she is raising money for is Girls Be Ambitious, Cambodia. Cambodia has the highest rate of sexual trafficking of girls in the world and keeping a girl in school costs only $120 a year. Emma is determined to send as many girls to school as she possibly can, and needs your help!


Emma is going into 8th grade at Chute Middle School in Evanston. She plays softball, trumpet, piano, is on student council, yearbook club, and Spanish club. She is very active in her synagogue and will be blowing the shofar at high holiday services this year.

Maker Communities at Mini Maker Faire Evanston

Hackerspaces, Makerspaces, Fab Labs, Community Workshops: all communities of people who make amazing things with shared resources, and all are welcome at Mini Maker Faire Evanston.

We have lots of local and regional hackerspaces and makerspaces will be at Evanston racing in the Power Racing Series, showing off their projects, and generally tearing it up!

Meet the makers… Sacha De’Angeli

When engineer Sacha De’Angeli designed a party photo booth using some spare parts he had laying about (a camera, an Arduino, plus other random electronics), he accidentally created a friendly robot photographer called Photoboop! Sacha is still teaching Photoboop new party tricks and general polite behavior,  but right now  Photoboop can be a photo booth, transform into time-lapse movie mode, or you could help it learn new tricks using the Arduino programming language.

Photoboop will be making its first public appearance at the Evanston Mini Maker Faire and will start selling pre-orders during the Faire.

All photos taken by Photoboop during the event will appear at www.facebook.com/photoboop through the magic of the internet.

Meet the Makers… Roth Mobot

Roth Mobot performing in Paris

The first time I met Patrick McCarthy, half of the duo known as Roth Mobot, he was teaching a class on how to transmogrify discarded toys for children into strange and wonderful musical instruments through a technique called “circuit bending.”  Armed with screwdrivers and soldering irons, and mind open to possibilities and experimentation, he showed how to alter the internal wiring of an electronic find from a thrift store so it would make interesting and unusual sounds not intended by its original designer.   The true lesson was to be adventurous, to try something and see what you can figure out.

Roth Mobot will be conducting demonstratons of circuit bending on Sunday at Evanston Mini Maker Faire and performing on Saturday night.

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